Subdomain Takeover - Easy Method

1. Method by @Virdoex_hunter

Easy Subdomain Takeover Method
1:Grab all subdomains of target. i.e, subfinder -d | tee -a domains.txt
2:Run this one liner
3:cat domains.txt | while read domain;do dig $domain;done | tee -a digs.txt
4::Grab all the CNAME Entries i.e, cat digs.txt | grep CNAME
5:Find a domain that is pointed to third party domain like CNAME
6:Check wheather the main subdomain is down
7:Go to host provider where the domain is pointed to and register that domain if you registered congrats you have takeover the subdomain.

2. Method by @WhoIs1nVok3r

Step-1:- First of all collect all subdomain of the target using assetfinder,subfinder,chaos(needs API key).
Step-2:- Next sort out duplicate URLs using -- cat unresolved | sort -u | tee -a resolved
Step-3:- Pass it to subzy,subjack or other subdomain-takeover tool -- using subzy tool -- subzy -targets resolved , or use subjack
Step-4:- We can also use nuclei templates but we need to first use httpx -- cat resolved | httpx | tee -a hosts
Step-5:- Next use nuclei-templates -- cat hosts | nuclei -t nuclei-templates/vulnerabilites -o nuclei.txt -v
Tools Used:-