Misconfigured CORS

Here are few methods and steps you can do to check for misconfigure cors.

  • Hunting method 1(Single target):

Step->1. Capture the target website and spider or crawl all the website using burp.
Step->2. Use burp search look for Access-Control
Step->3. Try to add Origin Header i.e, or Origin:null or or
Step->4  If origin is reflected in response means the target is vuln to CORS

Automate Way :

step1-> find domains i.e, subfinder -d -o target.txt
step2-> grep alive: cat target.txt | httpx | tee -a alive.txt
step3-> grep all urls using waybackurls by @tomnomnom and gau tool i.e,cat alive.txt | gau | tee -a urls.txt
step4-> run any of these tools on each url 
step5-> configure the manually

Another Method

Tools You Will Need for this method.


1) Find Domains with the help of subfinder,assetfinder,findomain i.e , subfinder -d | tee -a hosts1 , findomain -t | tee -a hosts1 , assetfinder --subs-only |tee -a hosts1 .
2) Then cat hosts1 | sort -u | tee -a hosts2 and then cat hosts2 | httpx | tee -a hosts .
3) Navigate through terminal where hosts file is located  echo "/" > paths
4) Then type meg -v
5) After the completion of process type gf cors.
6) All the urls with Access-Control-Allow will be displayed.


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